After a two year sabbatical, Nicholas Oakwell emerges with his new Autumn/Winter 2016 couture collection.

 A plethora of heartfelt changes has led Oakwell to dig deep into the bones of past, present and future. Inspired by the film “Zulu”, the chant of the brave, a statement of strength reflected in the warrior within us, is captured here amongst the textures and movement of each signed and numbered work of art piece.

 Stepping away from the monochromatic pallets of collections past, Oakwell has welcomed the vibrant colours of Africa in hues of reds, oranges, yellows, blues, turquoises and limes with open arms to join his ever faithful black, white and pinks – reflecting a world full of personality, mood and individuality.

 Here the strengths of characteristics and boldness in designs are unique.  It’s military-inspired jackets striking poses, tribal triangular and geometric gowns and capes that catch the eye with intricate art print patterns, painstakingly hand embellished in tiny beads and ostrich feathers, full free skirted or tailored and corseted to fit within an inch of our lives, with the prominent African inspired necklace dresses that stand fearless and valiant in defined fusion.

 Wafts of luxurious silks, chiffons, georgettes, finest leathers cut into crocodile shapes, a statement of bold lines that make the body feel strong, sexy, feminine and noticed.

 This collection is reminiscent of a Ladies wardrobe on her journey and travels in Africa which stylist Damian Foxe has beautifully captured through a tribal atmosphere, with subtle references to the shapes, poses and sense of wanderlust; asserted by the presence of elephants within the show.


Catwalk Video


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